Game on! New board game celebrates Pensacola

Game on! New board game celebrates Pensacola

A lot of people in Pensacola are talking about a new board game. It's called Pensacola-Opoly. It's a Pensacola version of Monopoly. More than 600 have been sold and many stores are sold out.

The game was created in April and just hit store shelves. It is made by an Ohio-based company called Late for the Sky Productions. Bill Schulte is one of the owners. They make similar games like this one in about 160 towns and cities across the country.

Schulte said, "People in Pensacola really like Pensacola. We knew there would be a lot of interest. We knew this was going to be a good one."

He said it's tough getting things right. It has to be hyper-local to make it fun for players. In this game, they have Jerry's Drive-In, Joe Patti's Seafood, and rather than go to "Jail" you get stuck in a traffic jam. They even have large events like the Pelican Drop. Schulte said that one threw him for a loop.

He said, "You really have to talk to the people that live there and determine if you are using the right jargon. First time I saw the Pelican Drop, I thought 'What?' I thought it was something that was going to come from a pelican, then I learned it's a New Year's Eve type of thing."

Schulte said Pensacola is a dream market because not only are the locals loving it, it's also a great souvenir for visitors. He said as they created the game, his team also fell in love with Pensacola.

He said, "The more someone researches, they decide, 'This is where I'm going on vacation.'"

The game is being sold at area Walmart's but has been sold out. A new shipment is expected to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. They sell for $19.99