Man earns big bucks rolling joints shaped like firearms, pizza, watermelon

thumbnail_ak-47 and grenade copy.jpg
"Smokeable art" by Tony Greenhand, of Albany, Oregon. (KATU)

ALBANY, Ore. -- He was recently paid $7,000 for rolling three joints shaped like an AK-47, a golden gun and a hand grenade.

Tony Greenhand, of Albany, wouldn't tell KATU who bought those marijuana-filled blunts, only that he or she flew out from Miami to get them "for music people."

Greenhand is becoming well-known for his "smokeable art," which he doesn't just make for money, but for fun.

He said he made a joint shaped like the Pokemon character, Pikachu, for free.

Greenhand also sent KATU pictures of a pizza joint with 2 gram slices, a 20 gram menorah for the band, Flosstradomus, and a 4.2-pound watermelon joint, which he says is the current world record holder for largest joint smoked.

You can check out more of Greenhand's work yourself and contact him at his Instagram page or via Snapchat, where his handle is Tonygreenhand.