German artist makes tiny miniature scenes in her rings

Ring design_WENN 2.JPG
Tulips from Amsterdam. (Art by Isabell Kiefhaber; supplied by WENN)

Talented German artist Isabell Kiefhaber creates eye-catchingly clever, tiny miniature scenes inside her jewelry.

While at first glance they may appear like ordinary rings, take a closer look and you'll find uniquely designed resin rings that contain an entire world all their own.

Wearing one is certain to give a sense of who you are. From push pins and an unfinished crochet project for crafters or the playful interaction of two tennis players and a golf match for an athlete -- the imaginative designer has got you covered.

"I love design. I love to work meticulously. I love to work with my hands. I love unique jewelry. Because of this love, the idea of 'Geschmeide unter Teck' was found ('Jewels below Teck'). Teck? Teck is a lovely castle on the edge of the 'Swabian Alb,' a unique region close to Stuttgart, which I see through my window," explains the artist.

Want something more personal? Kiefhaber takes custom orders and usually makes a ring in two to three weeks. Place an order and see more of her creative collection over at her Etsy store, Geschmeide unter Teck.