In-flight magazine publishes bizarre fake interview with Drew Barrymore

Representatives for actress Drew Barrymore say she was never interviewed by EgyptAir's in-flight magazine. (FayesVision/

A "fake" interview with Drew Barrymore in an in-flight magazine has gone viral.

Political analyst Adam Baron shared pictures of the "surreal" article in EgyptAir's in-flight magazine, Horus, on social media following a flight to Cairo - with the tweet quickly going viral.

The article was brought to the attention of representatives for the "Never Been Kissed" actress by HuffPost, and they told the publication the star "did not participate" in the interview and that her team is "working with the airline PR team."

The article, written by Aida Tekla, claimed that Barrymore was taking time out of the limelight to focus on the "crucial role" of being a mother to daughter Olive, 6, and Frankie, 4.

The piece begins with the paragraph highlighting Barrymore's failures in her personal life. It reads, "Despite being unstable in her relationships most of her life, despite the several unsuccessful marriages and despite the busy life of stardom that dominated her life for several years; the beautiful American Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore has recently decided to temporary (sic) take an unlimited vacation to play her most crucial role as a mother."

According to the article, "It is known that Barrymore has had almost 17 relationships, engagements and marriages" and that psychologists believe that her "behavior is only natural since she lacked the male role model in her life after her parents' divorce when she was only nine years."

The writer also claims she has been "subconsciously seeking attention and care from a male figure" since her parents' divorce, and she has not succeeded with relationships for "various reasons".

The question and answer portion of the piece is equally bizarre, with her "responses" not sounding like how Drew would speak, as well as being full of grammatical errors.

Representatives for the airline and magazine are yet to comment.