Special Forces veteran reunited with service dog that was sent running by car crash

4-20 zeus 2.JPG
Zeus was spooked and ran away from the scene of a car crash Friday (Courtesy:{ }RON SIEGAL)

UPDATE: Zeus was found! FOX 45's Kelly May learned from Dr. Ron Siegal that a family in Oakwood found the dog and returned him to Ron through police.


KETTERING, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A local Special Forces veteran is frantic to find his trusty companion dog after the dog was spooked off when they were involved in a car crash Friday afternoon.

The dog, Zeus, is his owner Dr. Ron Siegal's best friend.

"I appreciate all your help to help find this guy, he's all I have in the world as far as a companion right now," Siegal told WKEF/WRGT's Kelly May.

The Army/Navy Special Forces Veteran was driving with Zeus eastbound on E. Dorothy Lane, when a car turned and hit them near the intersection with Shroyer Road, sending Siegal into a pole.

Siegal said Zeus was shaken up and scared from the noise, so he ran.

"Wasted no time to leap out of the vehicle," Siegal said.

"He's familiar with gunshots because I've taken him hunting on a number of occasions," Siegal said about the noise issue, "but yet because of the tragic accident and the type of collision he was very, very upset."

The crash was caught on surveillance by a local flower shop.

Zeus is a German Shorthair Pointer, two years old, weighing about 60 pounds, with distinct black and white markings and a mostly white tail.

Siegal said he scoured the Oakwood and Kettering areas where the crash happened, but no sign of Zeus.

He said he was last seen running northbound on Shroyer, near Brydon.

"He's an obedient dog, call him by name," Siegal said, hoping for the best. "He's huddled down because he's been running all afternoon."

"I tried to pursue him on foot even as injured as I am," Siegal said.

Siegal's jaw is broken, and he said he had whiplash from the crash.

"I'll worry about medical care after I find my dog," he said.

If you see Zeus, call Kettering Police at 296-2555.