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Westfield Insurance Quizbusters

WNAB-TV CW58 Nashville :: Contests - Quizbusters

Westfield Insurance Quizbusters is a fast-paced local game show featuring some of the brightest minds to be found in Middle Tennessee. Each week two teams of four students representing the area's high schools will be competing to correctly answer questions from subjects ranging from academic subjects like science, mathematics and literature to more "trivial" pursuits like movies, popular music and culture. There's even a bit of local color thrown in for good measure.

As the students try to increase their team's score, the difficulty ratchets up every round until the "Lightning Round", where double the point awards and a ticking clock spell victory for the team that can best handle the pressure.

The highest scoring teams will go on to the Westfield Insurance Quizbusters Tournament, where over $20,000 in academic grants will be awarded to the participants by Westfield Insurance.

Tune in Saturdays at noon to cheer on your favorite school, to jeer on your rivals, or just see how you fare against Middle Tennessee's top whiz kids on Westfield Insurance Quizbusters, right here on Nashville's CW 58! It's a WORKOUT for your CRANIUM!

Please read the Official Rules before entering.

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WNAB-TV CW58 Nashville :: Contests - Quizbusters - 2013-2014 Epiosde 20 - BGA vs. Central Magnet
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