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When Nikita (Maggie Q, Live Free or Die Hard, Mission Impossible 3) was a troubled teenager on death row, she was recruited by a secret U.S. black ops program known only as Division. They faked her execution and turned her into an assassin. Nikita never lost her humanity, and when she learned that Division was a corrupt organization, she went rogue, exposing their covert operations, destroying their plans, righting their wrongs.

Two years later, she finds herself working for a new Division, fighting alongside a team of allies shes gathered throughout her adventures. They have vowed to clean up the mess left behind by the old Division " rogue spies, violent assassins " Nikita is hunting down killers just as skilled as she is.

In her campaign to end Divisions legacy, Nikita teamed with Michael (Shane West, ER, Once and Again, A Walk to Remember). Hes the man who trained her " and the man who loves her. A stalwart soldier in the fight, Michael is determined to build a life for himself and Nikita, a life beyond the turmoil of their day jobs.

Nikita also teamed with Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca, Kick-Ass, Desperate Housewives), a girl with a violent past and a shared taste for vengeance. Torn from a life of wealth and comfort as a Russian heiress, Alex has turned away from her old life to help Nikita.

Same goes for Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford, Traveler, X-Men: The Last Stand) Divisions former tech specialist, also known as the elusive hacker, Shadowwalker. Birkhoff had built himself a large (and illegal) financial portfolio when Nikita caught up with him. She enlisted him in the fight, unwillingly at first. He has always held a soft spot for her. Now hes in charge of designing new gadgets and gear for Nikitas team.

Airs Fridays starting November 22 at 9 p.m./8c.

Series Finale of Nikita is on December 27 at 9 p.m./8c