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Japanese horror movies and baseball shouldn't mix: Thanks for the nightmares, Japan

the ring.JPG
Imagine if Freddy Krueger was pitching the Jason Voorhees before a Yankees game. -- but in Japan. (YouTube / Puppet Panda).

If you thought 50 Cent threw the most horrifying first pitch ever, you'd be wrong.

At a recent Japanese professional baseball game, characters from two of the country's iconic horror film franchises opened the game with a truly creepy spectacle.

Sadako, the girl from "The Ring," was joined by Kayako and Toshio, the mother and son from "The Grudge" movies to throw out the first pitch and to promote the upcoming "Sadako vs. Kayako" film.

Think "Freddy vs. Jason" for Japanese audiences.

For the record, the girl from "The Ring" -- whose face is obscured by a thick black wig -- throws better than all of these celebrities.