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Jeep stuck on Myrtle Beach during Dorian removed

Jeep stuck on Myrtle Beach during Dorian removed (WPDE)

A Jeep vehicle that was stuck on Myrtle Beach as Hurricane Dorian hit the area was removed by authorities on Friday morning.

Video from the scene captured what appears to be a yellow dump truck towing the vehicle away. The car attracted lots of attention on Thursday as onlookers took pictures with the vehicle even as winds picked up due to Hurricane Dorian.

Myrtle Beach Police Cpl. Thomas Vest says they are working with the law enforcement partners and the U.S. Coast Guard to investigate any potential impacts to the shoreline and coastal waters.

A bagpiper was filmed playing a funeral dirge for the vehicle and someone even attempted to "sell" the car on Facebook Marketplace.

The increased attention forced police to evacuate residents from the area for safety reasons.

Despite the evacuation on-site, social media users online could not stop talking about the infamous vehicle.

Here are some of the funniest memes created revolving around the car that went viral on social media: